MNL Kartero - feel the rush, get the taste of a Bike Mensahero

Mensahero's Manila Bike Messengers PH & The Contemporary Hotel


MNL Kartero feel the rush, get the taste of a Bike Mensahero

Date: November 21, 1:00pm

Venue: The Contemporary Hotel @ #8 G. Araneta Ave., 1101 Quezon City Philippines

It is designed to simulate the normal workday of a bike messenger. At the start of the race, each messenger is given a manifest or a number of packages with the location of pick-ups and drop-offs of packages throughout the course. The messengers seek to quickly and efficiently plan their routes in order to pick up and deliver each package in a timely manner.

The qualification of the race is not only judged limited to time of completion but also their strategic technique on dealing with busy streets, package handling and bicycle-care on each checkpoint arrivals.

There will be FOUR(4) pick-ups and ONE (1) drop-off
Drop-off point will be to an orphanage located in Pasig City
( Tahanan ng Pagmamahal)

Registration Fee: Php500
* Manifest for the race
* Meal at the Contemporary Hotel after the race
* Stickers
* Commemorative event cycling cap

Registration Schedule
10.30.15 - 8:00-10:00 Ortigas Park
11.02.15 - 8:00-10:00 Contemporary Hotel
11.08.15 - MK Bikeathon Race
11.11.15 - 16:00-18:00 Tryon Mktg
11.17.15 - 13:00-14:00 Calle Buting
11.19.15 - 8:00-10:00 Contemporary Hotel

Rider must have during the race
* Bike
* Helmet
* Bag (Messenger or Backpack)
* Android or iOS phone incase you need a map
* Camphone or pocket cam
* Lock or Locks
* Spare tubes/Patch/Pump

Prizes on both categories
1st - Items + Trophy + Overnight Stay at the Contemporary Hotel with Breakfast
2nd - Items + Medal + Contemporary Hotel Gift Cheque
3rd - Items + Medal + Contemporary Hotel Gift Cheque

RUSH DEAL for this event
The first FEMALE Raver who completes the course without any mishandling on the packages will receive a Special Prize

for more details and updates please visit Mensahero's facebook event page


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