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Ever since PNKMSY BIKESHOP x CYCLING CULTURE opened up, most of the seniors took a break from long rides. Some got jobs, while the others focused on the business. Then one night, during the usual hangout at the shop, someone blurted out "tara laguna loop tayo", and surprisingly, everyone agreed! Most of us were in no condition to do a sudden long ride. But we still pushed through; for the thrill and adventure!

Hepe - "solid ride, kahit mabagal, natapos"

On a cold Sunday morning, 14 kids showed up. The ride was horrendously difficult, with all the kinds of delays you could think of. An overshoot crash during the first 20 kilometers of the journey, a total of 5 flat tires, and an Ellipse hub getting it's cog thread shredded at a downhill!

Bongkee - "masaya siyang experience, hindi nakakadala, pero ekis out"

The weather was annoyingly switching from drizzles to heavy rains to minutes of sunshine and back again. One funny incident was when we were patching Melvin's rear interior. We did it without removing the wheelset from the frame and submerging the rubber into a puddle to find the puncture.

Jmac - "hardcore pero wasak"

Amidst all those delays, we still managed to be safe and everyone enjoyed the ride. A day of hardship and adventure with your good friends is day well spent. I hope we could bring back those massive group rides, and I hope this ride would spark it.

Beri - "whistle bomb"

Keep on riding LFG!

Words by AJ Baptisma
Photos by Jay-r Berii
Additional Photos by Ryan Resmenia Ganancial

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