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To all the people who came and celebrated with us last month at Southwoods City, Thank you!. Wefxd/MFG, MalolosFXD, MarikinaFXD, CVTFG, Velodoom, 1700, CCFxd, CGEFxd, QuagoFXD, LPFG, Mandaframa, Bofxd, 1233fxd, Team ASG, FTH Cycles and to the others not mentioned thank you for your support.

Congratulations to the following winners:

1st Place - Kristian Reyes
2nd Place - John Cedrick Capuno

Alleycat/Poker Run
1st Place - Norbert Santos
2nd Place - Julian Reyes
3rd Place - Jason Nacianceno

Best Modern - Bongkee Dela Torre
Best Classic - Andrew Laxina
Best Maldea - Juan Carlo Tanalega

1st Place - Jason Nacianceno
2nd Place - Norbert Santos

1st Place - Paul Moon
2nd Place - Romel Belga

Longest Skid
1st Place - Marjuary Lim
2nd Place - Romel Belga

Tire Changing
1st Place - HEPE

1st Place - Ian Valdez

We would also like to thank the following sponsors for making this event possible.

Constantinebikes, Cycling Culture PH, Pnkmsy Bikeshop, TryOn, Gardenia Philippines, CALLE, Stfu., The Daily Grind, Velocity Pursuit, Abnormal Bags, Lynyrd Paras, Pedal Clothing, Sack It Skateboard & Fixed Gear, Brklss, Ave Maldea, Tanginamo Lifestyle, DEADWAYS, Enimal, Islaw Paintings and Frames, Murder Ink Tattoo Binan, Southstyle Auto Decal, Njsedison Phils, Built Cycles, The Good Haze Vape and Tattoo, Slick Barbers Co., GRASA PH, AGA Burger, Paulo Knows Airbrush, Boy Grasa Canlalay, Kuya J Restaurant, Spartan Outdoor Apparel, Handcrafted by Harl's, Oponside, Simple Cyclery, Mance Bike Shop, Boring, Bikeworx Bikeshop Binan, Kumparehan Mountaineer, Bike Equipped, Jollibee, Sagidaz Cebu, MENSAHERO's, Conan's Bike Garage, Bike Bike Bike, SID Composites, Southern Town Barbershop, HEAVYHANDS Barbershop, Jojo Fajardo's The Original Crispy Sisig, GoodHURTtattoo, Hurtee, The Project, Static Crew, Phen Works, Jet+gene FIXED GEAR, Bicycle M.D. Two-Wheels Specialist, Smart Communications, Inc., SUN Cellular Telecommunications, Water Island, Celt Cyclery, EverSince, Tony Auto Electrical Supply, Cycle Burger, Manika Pomade, James Cycle World, Denzyo Papag, LFG Medic, Bangaw Apparels

Special Thanks to
Mayor Walfredo "Arman" Dimaguila
Vice Mayor Angelo "Gel" Alonte
and The City Government of Binan

Brgy. Captain Kitten Campos
Kgwd Regie Baldoz

Southwoods Ecocentrum Corporation

See you next year!

#LFG4 #1gear1family

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