Marc’s Kendo Orbit!

Bike check: Marc’s Kendo Orbit!
This is another one of Marc’s lustrous bike collection. What I like about this build is that it resembles the classic Cannondale Track ‘92, my dream frame. This is his take on the classic builds from the 90’s, his taste really is timeless! I love this build! When you see this ride around, be sure to take pictures of it!

Frame: Kendo Orbit
Fork: Kendo CrMo
Headset: Tange Seiki FL250c

Handle bar: Nitto M101
Stem: Nitto UI-12
Bartape: ITM
Saddle: Fabric Line
Seat post: Nitto SP72

Cranks: Sugino 75
Chainring: Sugino Zen
Chain: HKK Vertex
Pedals: MKS Promenade
Toe cage: MKS
Strap: MKS Double Strap

Rims: H Plus Son The Hydra
Hubs: GOrilla
Cog: Sugino
Tires: Panaracer Ribmo


Cycling Culture PH
Good Hurt Tattoo & Lifestyle Studio

Words and Photos by AJ Baptisma
IG: @ajskywlkr


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