The Great Ride

The Great Ride is now live!
A film by Luca Botte, Filippo Cinotti and Dafne Fixed!

video after the cut

The Great Ride from VMultimedia on Vimeo.

The Great Ride, an ispirational Short Film directed and produced by Filippo Cinotti.

Executive Producers: Filippo Cinotti, VMultimedia, AD ASTRA, Cinelli s.l.r, Fred Perry s.l.r, Dafne Fixed s.l.r, Brick Lane Bikes Ltd, DUER Ltd
Director and DOP: Filippo Cinotti
1st Asst. Director: Matto Bombardi
1st Asst. Camera: Tobia Montanari Lughi
Screenplay:Matteo Bombardi, Filippo Cinotti,
Editors: Filippo Cinotti, Matteo Santi, Matteo Bombardi
MōVI Operators: Filippo Cinotti, Andrea Cecchini
Storyboard: Davide Mongiusti
Focus Puller: Tobia Montanari Lughi
Drone Operators: Andrea Maffucci, Pierluigi Mangani
Music Composer: Giacomo Santini
Sound Designers: Giovanni Bettinelli, Francesco Murtas
Sound Engineer: Marco Bandini
Set Photographers: Davide Mongiusti, Tobia Montanari Lughi, Francesca Tassani
VFX Artist: Filippo Cinotti

This is a NON-PROFIT Short Film.
All trademaks are the property of their respective owners.

VMultimedia and AD ASTRA Production.
Official Website:

All Rights Reserved © VMultimedia di Filippo Cinotti


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