SAGIDAZ Trackfest 3

SAGIDAZ Trackfest 3
November 12, 2016 6PM-1AM @ Cansaga Bay Bridge, Consolacion, Cebu

Join and Witness in our
- Last Wheel Standing
- Trackstand
- Longest Skid

and lastly,
- Drag Sprint Competition

For More Information Please Call: Jessie "Andoy" James - 09331566366 or send a message via fb:

SAGIDAZ would like to thank the following sponsors :) :

To our Major Sponsors:
- Tryon Marketing
- Calda Pizza
- Big Tom's Charbroiled Burgers
- Vellum Concept Store
- The Cycling Culture
- Cebu Wake Park
- KJO Prints
- Trackbite
- RRB Audio Video Services
- Nature's Spring

To our Minor Sponsors:
- Southside Clothing
- Gary Lauron Tattoo
- Laguna Fixed Gear Merchandise
- Oponside
- Bikeyard
- Clington Espinosa Tattoo
- Francis M Clothing
- Blackscorpion Outdoor Gear
- A&T Swimming Pool Specialist
- Tiffany Ann Tallo Tattoo
- Aga Burger
- Blood Red
- Islaw Paintings and Frames
- FUEL Juice Bar
- Author
- Active Water Filtration Systems
- JRC Graphics, Prints & Design Studio

And Special Thanks to:
- Brgy. Capt. Felipe Lauron
- Mayor Ace Binghay
- Mr. Martee Rubi
- Councilor Jed Almendras
- CPR Shop
- Mr. Donnie "Ahas" Nietes
- Ms. Rhealyn Remedio
- Mr. Patrick Lozada
- Mr. Mark Choa
- Mr. Dong Perven
- Brgy. Capt. Clyde Seblos
- Councilor Allen Arquillano
- Mr. Dondon Taneo
- Seis Mil Clothing
- Big Boss Tattoo
- Mr. Jay Cristobal
Once Again,
Daghang Salamat sa inyong supporta!! :) :)


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