Tut's All Around Beater

Bike Check guys! Let’s bring back our very own Pedal Room!

Let’s start with Tuts’ all around Beater!

Frame: Ave Maldea Track
Fork: Bridgestone NJS
Headset: Tange

Handlebar: Nitto B809
Stem: Gran Compe
Grips: Champ
Saddle: Selle Italia Flite 1990
Seat post: Thomson Elite
Seat Clamp: Salsa

Cranks: Sugino Messenger
Chain: Izumi NJS
Pedals: MKS
Toe cage: Mt Christophe
Strap: Cadence

Hubs: Formula
Rimset: H Plus Son EERO
Tires: Impac

This stead has done some distances. Tuts has been abusing this workhorse for 7 years now. From playing tricks to urban and nowhere rides to pusakalyes to daily commutes. This ride has been in every type of road, and will continue to sail them streets! I immediately fell in love with this bike ever since I first saw it way back in 2011. When asked if he would retire this bike, he simple answered “walang pera 😂”. So keep your eyes out for this bike, cause I’m sure it will steal your gaze!

We’ll be reviving this series, so stay tuned!


Cycling Culture PH
Good Hurt Tattoo & Lifestyle Studio
Words and Photos by AJ Baptisma
IG: @ajskywlkr


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