Marc's Classic Lugged Maldea

Let’s go with a classic build this time!
A superb build by Marc Edig

Frame: Ave Maldea Track
Fork: Nagasawa NJS
Headset: Hatta Swan Deluxe NJS

Handlebar: Nitto B127 NJS (Anatomic)
Stem: Nitto Jaguar NJS
Grips: Champ
Saddle: Kashimax Aero NJS
Seat post: Sugino SP0

Cranks: FSA
Chainring: Shimano Dura-Ace
Chain: HKK Vertex NJS
Pedals: MKS Promenade
Toe Cage: MKS Deep
Strap: MKS

Hubs: Gran Compe
Rims: Araya RC-540
Spokes: Hoshi
Tires: Panaracer Pasela

Accessories: Kashimax Top Tube Protector

Ave made this frame around 5 years ago, and when Marc saw this lugged frame, he quickly grabbed it. He actually started building this from scratch. This was originally a “chop suey” built from parts Marc hunted in Fixed Swap MFG. Well because back then, parts were so hard to find, either you order from abroad or go to Tryon or be patient at Fixed Swap. But now, this has evolved into a supreme NJS build. All the parts compliment each other, making it a unique and slick steed. I will never get tired admiring this bike. Consider this a timeless classic! Good job Marc!


Cycling Culture PH
Good Hurt Tattoo & Lifestyle Studio
Words and Photo by AJ Baptisma
IG: @ajskywlkr


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