HARABAS Fixed Gear Criterium Race

Manila Fixed Gear and Mars Kingdom
invites you to join the
HARABAS Fixed Gear Criterium Race
at the
November 8, Roxas Boulevard, Manila

Early bird registration until October 20 only
***Update: early bird reg deadline until oct 25!)
PhP1000 with cycling kit and freebies
PhP500 with freebies
Regular/On-site registration
PhP1500 with cycling kit and freebies
PhP800 with freebies
***Reg Site: TryOn Marketing Bikeshop

1st Place - Trophy+Items+7k
2nd Place - Trophy+Items+5k
3rd Place - Trophy+items+3k
Plus Raffle Items

7 laps plus 1 Final lap
NO skidding on race proper
Overlapped riders will be eliminated
Pros not allowed
Open gearing

No Brakes
No hoods
Drop bars required
Helmets required
Proper cycling kit required
"We need at least 40 participants for this to happen"

via facebook.com/groups/ManilaFixers


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What is a Fixed-Gear Bicycle?

The fixed gear bicycle he oldest and simplest type of bicycle is the "fixed-gear" bicycle. This is a single-speed bike without a freewheel: that is, whenever the bike is in motion, the pedals will go around. You cannot coast on a fixed-gear machine.

Many track bicycle any enthusiastic cyclists ride such bicycles by choice, at least part of the time. Why would anybody do that? It is not easy to put into words. There is an almost mystical connection between a fixed-gear cyclist and bicycle: it feels like an extension of your body to a greater extent than does a freewheel-equipped machine. If you are an enthusiastic, vigorous cyclist, you really should give it a try.

There are many reasons, including: Fun, Fitness, Form, Feel & 'Ficciency!

by Sheldon "Coasting Is Bad For You" Brown